Four nights in Florida

For the regular tourist, Florida is the home of Mickey Mouse and friends. You fall in love with the adventure parks in Orlando, Universal Studios not far behind. The weather is an obvious plus, of course, but for me and my zero children it seems like a long trip for a couple minutes of swinging [...]

A surreal night at Fenway

If you spend 14 days in New York and two in Boston, you figure the latter would be less exciting. I proved that theory very wrong this month. I travelled to Boston on Tuesday, 8th of September, not fully aware of what the city had in store or who I would meet over the course [...]

I’m feeling deflated, Roger.

Deflategate is officially a world issue. There are rumours it will be brought up at the next G7 summit. Thanks Tom, as if Gisele Bündchen didn’t get enough attention. And didn’t you just win a fourth ring? Please. A sport that has become saturated in the United States and over the course of a year [...]